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"Lost Trust, Part II"

    NOTE:   I don't own the rights to any of these characters, this story is for entertainment purposes only.  I created the town, and the main villain, so don't use them in other stories without checking.  Any continuity errors are my fault, I've tried to make this as real to the show as possible.  Pardon any spelling or grammar mistakes, and please comment on the story on the message board

    The drop-off went through without a hitch. None of the security officers suspected a thing, the stolen IDs and uniforms worked perfectly.  In fact, one of the guards started flirting with Becca, after he discovered that the usual driver was out sick.  After the rest of the team had gotten out of the car and inside the faculty, Becca smiled sweetly at the smitten guard and drove off.  Arriving back at the area where they had found the car, Becca drove off the road.  She then concealed it to the best of her ability, which basically meant just pulling down some branches and using them to cover the rear end of the car, which was the only part viewable from the road.  She then got back into the car, passenger's side, sat down, propping her feet up on the dash.  She started thinking about her brother and the perfect beach.

*          *          *

    Decker, Londo, and Jay weren't' exactly having as a relaxing time as Becca was.  As it turned out, there had been an accident in the facility the preceding day, and many of the facility's systems had been knocked out.  On the one hand this meant that cameras and security measures were pretty much nil.  On the other hand, the three infiltrators were right away put to work moving boxes full of supplies, instead of guarding secure areas where they'd have access to the information they needed.

    "You know what, this sucks.  We go to all the trouble of 'jacking that car, and then half this place hasn't got power."  Jay shook his head and laughed to himself, as he lifted another box.

    Londo smiled. "Yeah, well, it's worth it.  This place...this place has coffee."

    "Hot damn." Jay snorted.

    "How do you know that?" Decker asked, leaning down to help Londo pick up one of the larger boxes, one marked MUNITIONS.

    "As they were leading us here, we passed some sort of cafeteria, lounge, I don't know what.   All I know, all I care about, is that they've got coffee."

    "Mm-hm." Decker said. "Just keep in mind the mission."

    "Alright.  But my sub-mission is to steal as much of that coffee as I can. Hey, you guys think I could start a black market for coffee and coffee accessories?"

    "Londo, by the time you got the coffee back to a secure area, you would've eaten it all."

    Londo stopped and stared at Jay. "Eaten it?  Eaten it!  I do not eat coffee.   Coffee is not something you 'consume'.  Coffee is something  you cherish, something you savor...something you love."

    "Riiight.  Just pick up the box and move, or you'll be savoring the backside of my hand." Jay growled.

    Londo picked up his end of the box.

*           *          *

    Security Center - Regime Link-Up Station Alpha Omega Gamma

    "Call up the specs on those IDs."  Lieutenant Peter Sinclair looked over the shoulder of the guard at the computer terminal, staring at the screen. 

    "Aye sir."  The guard typed out a few commands, and three small boxes popped up on the screen.  Sinclair and the guard looked at them.

    "Those are not the guards we've got moving boxes."  Sinclair cracked the knuckles on his left hand.  "Bring up the security camera in the supply room."

    "Sir, that camera is down.  Power to the entire security system in that area is offline."

    "Fix it."

    "Sir, we can't.  We need at least another 24 hours, and half the needed supplies haven't arrived yet."

    Sinclair was silent, letting this new information seep in.  Finally he cracked the knuckles on his right hand, and turned to the guard at the door to the Security Center. "Take a squad and subdue those men.  And send out another group to find that car with the driver.   It shouldn't be far off.  These men are here for a reason, they must have an escape route in mind."

    The guard at the door nodded. "Aye sir."  He then turned on his heel and left the doorway.

    Sinclair turned back to the computer terminal.  "Owen Decker...where have I heard that name?  Owen Decker..."

*          *          *

    Owen Decker was getting annoyed.  He and Jay were the only ones in the supply room, he had sent Londo out on a quest to see if he could find the entrance to the actual link-up part of the facility.  If asked where he was going, Londo would say he was looking for coffee. Which wasn't a lie, Londo was always looking for coffee.

     Moving boxes from the supply room to another room across the hall was not what he expected to be doing.  Not that being in this building was something he seriously expected to be doing.  When Jin had called with the news that this link-up station could give him info on Connor, all the memories that he had been trying to hard to suppress came resurfacing.  The day he'd met his wife.  The night he proposed.  Their wedding.  Connor's birth.  Connor's first steps.  His first word.   Decker had been so happy when the first word his son said was "dada".  

    Then, of course, came the bad memories as well.  The fight he'd had with his wife the night before Air Force One went down.  Her crying when he received orders to turn against his country.  She hadn't believed he was turning against his country, at least not at first.  He had convinced her that things were wrong, that it wasn't the way they should be, but it took him a week.  He remembered packing the car, putting Connor in the back seat, and then starting to drive.  He remembered seeing the road block, and taking the gun out of the glove compartment and handing it to his wife.  He recalled the fight, and then seeing his wife outside the car, and then hearing the gunshot.   And seeing his wife fall to the ground.  He had looked into her lifeless eyes and screamed.  Then the memory of seeing his son outside the car, watching.   Decker still hadn't figured out how exactly Connor had managed to get out of the car, but all the same, the memory of Colonel Devon telling one of his lackeys to take care of the boy..and then yelling to Connor that he'd come get him...someday...

    A yell from outside the supply room interrupted Decker's recollections.

    "Jay."  One word was all it took. Jay put down his box and moved towards the door. Before he got five feet two guards burst in. 

    "Don't move." Both the guards held M16s.  Neither Jay nor Decker were armed.   Decker motioned for Jay to do what the guard said.

    "What's the problem?" He asked, keeping his voice calm.  Come on Londo.  Now would be a perfect time to come back.

   "You are.  We have orders to subdue you."  The second guard replied.

    "Why?"  Decker asked.

    "We don't ask questions.  We just follow out our orders."

    "Spoken like a true cog in the machine."  Londo's comment had surprised the guards. They must've thought he was somewhere else in the supply room.  Their surprise lasted mere seconds.  After that they were both turning towards the new threat.  Regime brainwashing had worked well on these two. 

    Jay was quicker.  He picked up one of the boxes and heaved it at the back of one of the guards.  He turned to try and deflect it, and it smashed into his chest.  Jay was practically on top of him before he knew what was going on.  Londo took out the other guard in a blur.  His right fist smashed into the guard's face while his left went for the M16. 

    Both guards were out cold before Decker crossed the 10 feet separating him from the door.

    "Good work.  They're on to us, we don't have much time."

    "Scratch that.  You don't have any time."  Decker whirled towards the back of the room.  "My name is Peter Sinclair.  I'm in charge of this little operation.   Those two men laying at your feet are my boys.  You hurt them, you pay the price."

    "They're not dead."

    "No.   But soon you'll wish you were." 

    Decker wisely kept his mouth shut as more guards poured in through the back entrance to the supply room.   They quickly had tied up Decker, Londo, and Jay. 

    Sinclair turned to one of the guards holding Decker.  "Take them to cells."  To Decker, he smiled. "Enjoy yourself while you can. I've phoned for Colonel Devon.   He should be here within the hour.  I'm certain he'll be...quite thrilled to see you."

*          *          *

   Becca forced herself not to fall asleep.  She glanced at her watch.  She'd been sitting in the car for close to an hour and a half.   Decker had told her they'd be in the building for a minimum of 4 hours.  She wished she'd brought her book.  It was a struggle to keep her eyes open.  She knew she had to stay awake to be ready in case guards somehow found the car, but she was doubting that anyone would show up.  Without a direct threat, the lack of sleep she had been getting the past few nights was finally catching up to her.

    She yawned and shifted position.  Dammit Becca...pull it together.  Maybe Dex was right...you have let the team down with your personal attachments.  Something snapped some distance from the car. Becca sat up and looked out the various windows of the car.  Seeing nothing, she slouched back down.  Peter Sinclair...I lied to Dex when I said we might've gone out a few times.  We did go out a few times.   We went out MORE than a few times...we almost- Her thoughts were interrupted again by another snapping noise.  She sat up again and looked around.  Coming up the road she could just barely see a group of men.  Three or four, with what looked like automatic weapons. 

    Three or four men with automatic weapons vs. one tired woman without any sort of weaponry. 

    Sounds like a fair fight.

     End Part II

Please do not reprint any portion of this story larger than two paragraphs, and only for promotional uses.  Contact me with any questions.