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"Lost Trust, Part I"

    NOTE:   I don't own the rights to any of these characters, this story is for entertainment purposes only.  I created the town, and the main villain, so don't use them in other stories without checking.  Any continuity errors are my fault, I've tried to make this as real to the show as possible.  Pardon any spelling or grammar mistakes, and please comment on the story on the message board

    Lain’s End, South Carolina.

    Drip.  Drip.  Drip.


     Drip.  Drip.  Drip.

    “I can’t take it anymore!  Where’s that dripping coming from?  I’m stopping it, once and for all.”  Londo Pearl was not happy, and it showed in his voice.  He scrambled up from where he was sitting against the wall, and started looking around.

    “Calm down Londo,” Owen Decker said, looking up from his card game with James ‘Jay’ Barrett.

    “Don’t tell me to calm down!  We’ve been stuck here for four hours, four lousy hours!  And for what?  Nothing!”  Londo continued looking for the source of the dripping.

    “You’re not going to find it, you know that, right?”  Becca Shaw turned to face Londo, putting down the book she had been reading for the past few hours.

    “Yeah, I know.  But I have to do something.”

    Jay put his cards down on the table in front of Decker, “Yo, Londo.”


    Jay pulled something out of his jacket pocket.  “Find something to do with this,” He flipped a quarter over his shoulder, and Londo caught it expertly.

    “Oh, very funny.”  Londo turned the quarter around in his right hand a few dozen times in less than a dozen seconds.  Jay picked up his cards again, and went back to the game. 

    All of a sudden something whizzed through his hand, taking one of the cards with it. “Whoa! Londo, watch it.”

    “Three of spades,” Londo said nonchalantly.  Decker leaned down to pick up the card, and just as Londo had predicted, it was the three of spades. 

    “Cool it Londo.  We’re all anxious to get out of here,” He glanced at his watch. “It won’t be that much long-.”  He was interrupted by a ringing, emanating from his jacket pocket.  The left breast pocket, to be exact.  “That’s Jin now.”  He pulled a small silver cell phone out of the pocket, and flipped the top off.  Putting it to his right ear, Decker got up and walked a short ways away from the rest of the book.  “Yes…We’re ready…Of course…Yeah.”  Decker closed the cell phone with one hand, and turned back to his teammates.  “Okay, we’ve got our orders.  Listen up.” 

    “ ‘Bout time,” Londo said, walking over next to Decker.   Becca and Jay joined him, so they were all gathered around Decker to hear what their next mission would be. 

    “There’s a satellite link-up station a few miles from here.  The Resistance-.”

    “Ah, not another one of these missions,” Londo complained.   “How many satellites can there be up there?”  He asked nobody in particular, gesturing towards the sky.  Jay and Becca exchanged glances, and Decker did nothing.  “We’ve already recovered the codes for the one that tracked that federal marshal, and we blew the link-up to the spy satellite so we could then go capture some disks containing who knows what.  When are we going to do something worthwhile?  We haven’t broken anyone out of prison in months, or raided a Regime stronghold.  This is getti-.” 

    “Jin says it has info on Conner.”  Decker interrupted.  Instantly Londo shut up.  For a moment no one said anything.  Londo finally broke the silence:

    “When do we move out?"

*          *          *


    The link-up station was located on a hill, fourteen miles from where the team had been lodged.  It was surrounded by chain-link fencing topped with razor wire.  This was a big building, guarded by some of the Regime’s best.   At each of the four corners of the square building stood a turret, complete with machine gunner and spotlight.  In order to enter the building, one would have to have the proper ID, which were badges electronically encoded for each individual.  A bit much, yes, but the Regime is taking no chances with anyone breaking into this place.  Too valuable.

*          *          *


    “We’re here.  Everybody out.”  Decker said, opening the passenger’s side door of the jeep and stepping out.  Jay, who had been driving, pocketed the keys and got out as well.   They were still close to a mile away from the station, but they couldn’t get any closer in the Jeep, and would have to resort to the plan Jin had laid out for them.

    “Did Jin give us any info on what we should expect in terms of resistance?” Becca asked.  Londo looked at her quizzically. “No pun intended, of course.” She added, and then turned to Decker.

    “Some high-up Regime member is ‘officially’ in charge, but our insider tells us Devon has one of his personally trained best installed for security.   Lieutenant Peter Sinclair, I believe the name was.”

    Londo and Jay nodded, but Becca only blinked a few times.  “Dex, did you say Peter Sinclair?”

    “Yes.  Why, you know him?” Decker stopped going over his rifle to watch Becca respond.

    “I doubt it.  It was…a long time ago, probably not the same guy.”

    Jay snorted.  “Given our luck, I’m willin’ to bet this is the same guy.  What’s your connection?”

    Becca shook her head. “Nothing big, I knew him in high school.”

    “Any idea what happened to him after that?” Londo inquired.

    “I think…I’m not sure, but I think he once told me he wanted to join the military.”

    “Great, just great.” Londo muttered, and walked off.  Jay finished gathering up his arms, and followed Londo.  Decker turned to Becca.

    “You’re sure there isn’t something you’re not telling us?   This isn’t going to be a repeat of what happened with your brother, right?”

    “Of course not.  We…we might have gone out a few times, but nothing happened.  I’m not going to freeze when I seem him Dex, I’m not like that.” Becca’s voice turned icy with that last sentence, and she turned to leave, but Decker laid a hand on her shoulder.

    “I know you’re not like that Becca, I trust you.  We all do.”

    Becca gave him a small smile, and then picked up her pistol from the back of the Jeep.  She quickly pulled out the clip, checked it, and slipped it back in. “Let’s go.”  They walked over to where Londo and Jay were.  Just as Decker was about to say something, they all heard the sound of a car making its way up the road to the top of the hill, and subsequently the station.  Glancing down the hill, they could see a black Sedan, with at least two people inside, perhaps more.

    Jay smiled. “Perfect.”

    “We have to take them out quick, before they have a chance to alert the station. Londo, Jay, check out the back seat, take whoever’s there.  Becca, you take the driver, I’ll get the passenger’s side.”  The rest of the team nodded at their assignments, and moved into position.  Decker leaned down and cupped his hands together, making a foothold for Becca to use.  Londo and Jay crouched at the outskirts of their cover, preparing to quickly and quietly silence anyone in the car. 

    Decker began to count down softly as the car approached.  The road wasn’t paved, so the crunching of the gravel easily gave away the car’s position.  Becca stood back five or six feet from Decker, and watched for his signal.  When he got to zero, he nodded, and Becca took off, running forward at full tilt.  Her right foot hit Decker’s hands, and he quickly stood up, giving her the added thrust she needed to make it over the car.  With a quick mid-air flip above the roof of the car, Becca landed on the other side of the car, facing the driver.  Without hesitating, she smashed in the window and pushed the driver’s head into the steering wheel, careful to keep from hitting the horn.

    Even as he was lifting Becca into the air, Decker was turning himself to go at the passenger.  He also smashed in the window, but pulled the man in the seat out through the window, and tossed him to the side, unconscious.

    At the same time the other two were taking out their targets, Londo and Jay were busy with the back seat.  Londo run across the back of the car, leaving muddy footprints as he ran.  In one fluid motion he jumped of the back of the car and turned to the door, testing the handle with one hand, hitting the window with the other.  It was unlocked, but he broke the window anyway, and removed the man sitting in the seat, who barely had enough time to register that something was happening, let alone reach for his sidearm.  Londo hit him in the neck with the side of his hand, and dropped him to the ground.

    Jay had gone with the most direct approach, after noting that the doors were unlocked, he had simply opened the door and punched the man in the side of the head.   He slumped over on the seat, and did not move.  The entire attack had taken less than two minutes, and everything had gone smoothly. 

    “Good work people.  Lucky for us, there are four people here, four of us.  Find their IDS and switch clothing.  Move it.”  The team quickly stripped the four people in the car, who were guards, judging from their badges and weapons, and quickly put on their clothing. 

    “You know, I’m getting sick and tired of wearing men’s clothing.   How come we never have to impersonate women guards?”  Becca complained as she shrugged on a jacket at least three sizes to large for her. 

    “I know I’d enjoy that,” Londo said. “Or at least taking their cloths, that would be interesting.”  Becca glowered at him for second, and then turned away.

    “Dex, this guy don’t have no ID!” Jay yelled, standing next to the half-naked driver, searching through the pockets of the jacket he was now wearing.

    “Damn.  He must not have clearance to get in.” Decker lapsed into silence for a minute, thinking about what to do. “Becca, give your ID to Jay, you’re sitting this one out.”

    “Dex!” Becca exclaimed even as her training forced her to move next to Jay.

    “Becca, you’ve got personal connections with someone inside, and anyway, we have no way of knowing if these IDs have gender on them.  You’re staying here, that’s an order.” Decker didn’t wait to see his order carried out, but moved to help Londo pull the unconscious bodies into the bush.

    Becca didn’t answer, only tossed the ID at Jay, and pulled of the oversized jacket, tossing it to the ground.  Jay caught the ID, and pocketed it.  He then glanced at Decker, and then at Becca.

    “Hey, baby girl, if it were up to me, you’d be goin’ in there instead of me.” He used his pet name for her, but she only waved him off.  “ ‘Cause there’s no way of knowing if these things have color on them either.”

   Becca sighed, and rolled her eyes. “I know.  I’m just mad ‘cause I know there’s nothing in there that’s gonna keep me from getting the job done.  Dex keeps saying he trusts me, but then goes and does this to me.”

    “It’s aight, Londo and me know you’re the toughest little woman we know,” To emphasize the ‘little’ Jay moved up close to Becca, towering over her. “And that you can kick any of our asses without breaking a sweat.”

    Becca laughed, and pushed Jay in the chest, barely making him move. “And don’t you forget it, or I might just have to teach you a lesson.” Jay laughed also, and the two of them got into the car, Becca the driver’s seat, and Jay the seat next to her.  Londo and Decker hopped into the back, and Becca started the car.

    “You know what I just realized?” She said, as she started up the hill.

   Londo thought for a second.  “That you’ve got an uncle in the coffee bean business who owes you a big favor, and that you can collect all the free coffee you want, meaning all the free coffee that I want?”   The rest of the team stared at him. “What, a guy can wish, can’t he?”

   “Sorry Londo.   No, I just realized that I don’t have my driver’s license.  Kind of a strange thing to be thinking now, what with the world gone to hell and that not having a license is the last thing the Regime is going to care about, but I keep thinking that.”   Londo and Jay started laughing, and even Decker cracked a smile.  Becca smiled also, and continued up the gravel road.


Please do not reprint any portion of this story larger than two paragraphs, and only for promotional uses.  Contact me with any questions.